When you weigh hard work against talent, hard work will always be the balance dropper and show stopper. Talent can become self-centered, ego driven, and fail because it will, more often than not, become lazy over time. Hard work is needed to drive passion and hunger to succeed.

I use hard work to produce under-budget, ahead of schedule designs that work, plain and simple.


The Story This far…

I’ve been a graphic designer since 2002. I got my start with agency work then moved into travel and retail in-house design. I have worked in newsprint, shared mail with branding, and national variable data marketing campaigns. I’ve also found time to maintain a social media minded, web-focused, freelance portfolio¬†to stay relevant in all aspects of design from print to web with SEO familiarity.

 image of Jason Griffin


I’m Jason, I’ll be handling all of your dragon… I mean “design” slaying needs

You’re looking at fourteen years professional design experience. Need a menu design? How about some stationary and new business cards?What about logo for that new business you’ve decided to finally get off the ground? Need it in all available formats and sent to a vinyl printer and installed on your vehicle fleet? Worried about delving into the world of WordPress and need a web sherpa to design it for you then hold your hand as you learn how to blog?I can do all of this and more! You’re in good hands. I’ve been saving clients in distress from the pitfalls of poor design choices and the over-pricing of inferior quality work since 2000. Give me your vision, I’ll make it a reality.

Go Ahead, Try Me!

Contact me with an idea, a timeline and a budget and I’ll give you the best deal for your money hands down. I only accept jobs I can give 100% satisfaction to and only work on projects I know I can deliver on. I’ll shoot you straight and work out a payment plan if need be. Go ahead, ask me, you know you want to.